This app allows you to ‘travel back in time’ and see what your physique would have been like at different times in history

‘AI Time Machine’ from MyHeritage is a free app which allows users to travel back in time to see what physical aspects they would have had in other historical eras. Those interested must click on the following link for Artificial Intelligence to generate amazing proposals.

After accessing MyHeritage, a user must upload three full-length photos, five head shots, ten close-ups, and two side profile pictures.

App Recommends it show only one person Depicted with a variety of expressions, eyes looking in different directions and no make-up or sunglasses. Too, It is advised not to upload pictures of minors And no pictures with nudes.

After uploading files to MyHeritage’s AI Time Machine, results can be downloaded with prehistoric, futuristic, modern or medieval appearances set of eight images or individually,

application Automatically removes images to protect users’ privacyThere are 50 themes available, the build process takes 30 to 90 minutes to complete, and there is a paid version with more features.

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