This big missile aircraft of China can launch drones carrying payload up to 40 kg

CCTV-7 (Chinese state television channel) shared some pictures showing employability skills H-6K missile carrier aircraft to become launch pad for LJ-1 drone.

These aircraft can carry nuclear warheads and can also launch dozens of drones that are intended for combat. The LJ-1 device can fly to an altitude of ten kilometers, reach speeds of 980 km / hIts autonomy lasts more than an hour, it can carry an external load of up to 40 kg, and its dimensions are five meters in length and three meters in wingspan.

The video included in the tweet shows an H-6K aircraft launching four LJ-1 drones, which then join in a diamond formation. Aviation Week indicates that the device “will be capable of acting as a radar jammer or standalone ground attack missile,” adding that Can cooperate with manned combat aircraft,

In the case of a combination of four LJ-1s, the newspaper adds that “a wider surveillance area and a clearer understanding of potential threats can be achieved. In addition, Drones can overcome long endurance periodsHigh temperatures, lots of noise and complex environments that are difficult for human pilots.”

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