This confirms that Fernando Colunga and Adamari López would make a good Parajera and there are many reasons why

Fernando Colunga and Adamari Lopez

Fernando Colunga is one of the most loved actors on television and Admari Lopez shares the same site; Well, she is one of the most loved presenters and actresses in between. But why do people think they make a good couple? The answer is simple and we explain it here.

It all started years ago, when Puerto Rican Cristina met him on the show while Colunga promoted a soap opera he had done with Lucero, and the little girl took the opportunity to flirt with him.

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More news from Fernando Colunga:

The big loss that Televisa suffered because of Fernando Colunga and will not be able to achieve that much Adela Noriega return

She tries to steal love from Fernando Colunga, but death comes and forgetting is too close for her.

When he saw her, he told her that “she wants to feel what Lucero feels” and Colunga smiled without saying anything; However, now that he meets her again at the promotion of El Secreto de la Familia Greco, the flirtation cannot wait and he tells her that she is gorgeous and that she is going to pimp him; And smiling Colunga took her hand and said let’s go.

Admari’s partner will be Fernando Colunga

So the chemistry between them was evident and fans dreamed that the pair could become real, as both are very handsome and hardworking, apart from confirming that Chhotu deserves a good man like Colunga, A family he’s always wanted.

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