This confirms what many believe. Public rudeness that Irina Baeva did to Gabriel Soto

Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto

It is no secret to anyone that Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto have been in the public eye not only for the time their relationship began when he was still married, but also because of the alleged separation between them in recent times. There are many rumours about it.

And it is that the distance on the social network has alerted the most skeptical followers of the couple, who have already had to postpone their wedding twice. And although both have mentioned that they are all rumours, the public is not convinced.

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And it is on this occasion that the actor dedicated a message to Irina for her birthday, in which he says: “Happy birthday, may this new return of the sun be filled with blessings, health, love and many successes. The rest I wish you Will tell personally in a few days” The same to which the actress has not replied.

Irina Baeva ignored Gabriel Soto

And it is that the actress is yet to respond to the message which has been very dry for many, for the passionate love that was between them, she said. For others, the delay in responding is due to the fact that he is too busy with his work in Qatar.

Screenshot of Gabriel Soto’s Instagram
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