This confirms what many believed about Eduardo Capetillo and Bibi Gaetan

Bibi Gaynon and Edward Capetillo

Eduardo Capetillo and Bibi Gayane got married in 1994, breaking many hearts, after all they were icons of a generation; Eduardo conquered thousands of women with his voice and acting talent; While Bibi was one of the most beautiful women of that time.

But since they got married, Bibi stopped wearing her tight and short suits, with which she became the heroine of dozens of magazine covers and calendars. So fans started speculating that it was Capetillo who prevented her from continuing her career.

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But she has always said that it was her decision to leave show business, take care of her family and enjoy her home. However, what many would have thought has been confirmed, as now that his kids are all grown up, he is still off the screen.

He revealed the rules of the Capitillo Gayton family

And is that according to a reporter from Firsthand they have strict rules such as: “Don’t talk with strangers for more than 10 minutes” or go to the bathroom together, all to protect their close circle, so it is confirmed. that Capetillo is very jealous.

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