This confirms what many people believe about the relationship between Altair Jarabo and her millionaire husband.

Altair Jarabo and Frederick Garcia

Altair Jarabo is one of the brightest stars in the telenovela sky, not only on Televisa but also on Telemundo, where he just finished filming his first leading role in Juego de Mentiras.

Due to her beauty and strong character, it was surprising that the actress married businessman Frederick Garcia in 2021, who is not only 19 years older than her but also already has grown children. Hence there were many speculations that he did it out of self interest and in search of financial comfort.

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But the actress cleared all doubts and confirmed the belief of many through a Tik Tok video, in which she explained her real reasons for marrying the French-born businessman, as she said: “Also, I highly recommend him, I feel cared for, loved. That’s how it should be” clarifying that their marriage was for love and that love came from the way he treated her.

Altair Jarabo’s wedding was a great wedding

And it is that the actress threw the house out the window when she got married; It was in a sumptuous French palace, with an exclusive menu of French haute cuisine served to highly trusted guests who came from all over the world.

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