This confirms what many people think about the relationship between Anahi and Andres Garcia

Andres Garcia

It is no secret to anyone that Anahi and Andres García formed a strong relationship when they participated as father and daughter in the telenovela Mujeres Engunadas; Even the RBD singer went to live with him at his palace in Ajusco.

And it is that Andres realized that the young woman suffered from eating disorders, so he talked to her parents so that they would let him take care of her at home and help her overcome this difficult situation, and he succeeded So they remained good friends. ,

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However, at the time he faced rumors that he was having an affair; something that both artists had always denied. But now that the years have passed, the protagonist of Rebelde has confirmed the belief of many.

Andres Garcia has great affection for Anahi

And it is that he has a genuine affection for Andrés García, since he sent him to a doctor specializing in pneumonia, who thanked the 81-year-old actor through social networks, and for all that he did, in addition to thanking Anahi’s husband Had a great friendship, missed him. Politician Manuel Velasco Coelho.

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