This confirms what many people think is Belinda’s true face


Everything has been said about Belinda and long ago; They have recognized her for her talent and beauty; They have also called him interested; He has criticized her tastes and even her relationships. But it’s all logical, because she’s been famous since she was a kid and grew up in front of the screen.

It is for this reason that little is known about her life and her family, months before the Chisme no Like program published in one of its broadcasts that Belinda’s father might have stolen from his own family, for which he was punished. Had to flee to Mexico.

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As it was also said that the girl’s mother was the one who chose her boyfriend and must have taught her that rich men are the better choice. And this is corroborated by a review of old interviews which contain evidence that Belinda’s parents were the ones who managed the fortune the little girl had earned and instead of investing it in the young woman’s future, they squandered it. spent on luxuries.

Belinda hasn’t even had enough of the coffee

That’s what Bailey’s classmates said, and despite being the top earner. According to him, he did not have pesos to buy coffee or hygiene products; So at an early age, they got in the habit of turning to their friends or boyfriends to pay the bills. As Nodal reveals that he also asked for money for his teeth.

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