This device allows you to turn off the gas or water tap with your mobile phone to avoid the expense when you are not there

Electricity, water or gas bills this year have given us more than one scare now that the prices have gone up. Many families have resorted to tactics with the intention of reducing the outlay of money at the end of the month.

From 20BITS, we’ve talked about tools that can help us save and tips on not wasting so much and it shows in the bills. today we will talk a WiFi-enabled valve control, This may be a way to avoid spending that much.

Wi-Fi Valve Control

One of the methods commonly used to save is to turn off the water tap, unplug the plumbing, and turn off the gas tap before going on a trip. However, at times we forget and have to go home to do it (something we rarely do when we remember) Or leave it to be lost until the next holiday In which we hope that the same old thing will not happen again.

The WiFi valve control should only be placed on the water or gas pipe and connected to electricity and WiFi.
The WiFi valve control should only be placed on the water or gas pipe and connected to electricity and WiFi.

For the most clueless and those who refuse to spend more, there is another option: Buy a WiFi valve control that allows them to close the valve with a mobile app, The only thing needed is to connect the device to WiFi and plug and attach it to the water or gas pipe with the help of a clamp.

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Once the device is connected to the network, all that is left is to download the app ‘Smart Life’ and configure it. The WiFi Valve Control is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, so with just a voice command, you can open or close the valves in the house, the names we assigned to each key’s controller.

This smart device is available on Amazon for 39.99 euros and allows users to make sure they have turned off the water or gas keys on their way to their vacation destination. And, if they haven’t, they’ll be able to do it remotely, without worrying about overspending that month.

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