This electric car reaches 15 km/h for a single passenger and is ideal for urban trips

A commitment to autonomous driving and electric cars is nothing new. However, to propose Honda Motor Co. Small electric vehicles designed for autonomous driving without maps Yes it is new and already being tested.

Honda delivered what we’ve come to expect The mobility service of the future. Their prototypes are three: a minicar that only fits one person, another two-seater, and a more recent model for four passengers.

Through Honda’s R&D division, which is responsible for research and development of the brand’s ultra-compact electric vehicles, they hope to make commercialization of these cars viable by the end of the decade. To achieve its goal, Honda will have to test the vehicles first, something it aims to do by the end of this month. In a camp north of Tokyo (Japan).

The developers are using technology from next-generation mobility company CiKoMa, noted for Its spatial reconnaissance cameras and artificial intelligence. Thanks to this technology, they won’t need to use digital maps and will analyze roads and surroundings to automatically choose the next driving route.

How are the prototypes?

As detailed by Honda, the performance tests will first be done in four-seater electric vehicles. Each car will have a stereo camera at the front and rear and another six will be installed both at the front and rear. so they expect to be able Detect roads and obstacles instantly that they find on the way.

The car they will test first in will be a four-seater car.
The car they will test first in will be a four-seater car.
honda motor

The vehicles will have different support elements which will make driving safer. First they will be guided by drivers and, gradually, Honda will add autonomous driving functions until vehicles are Fully autonomous in two or three years.

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Features of Mini Cars

As noted in the demonstration, Honda’s electric vehicles will have four replaceable battery packs under the seats. each of them will have 20 to 30 kms. range of With single charge.

The speed of the minicar will be between 10 and 15 km/hAutomatically slow down at curves and intersections. Will be able to choose a direction by the driver upon reaching a place where they can change lanes a joystick Located on the right side of the vehicle.

This offering from Honda is an alternative to a bicycle or an electric scooter in urban environments. With these miniature cars, Honda offers a way to travel short distances without getting tired, safely and reducing carbon emissions.

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