This game challenges you to guess which image is created by Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is on everyone’s lips, especially after OpenAI created a chatbot capable of coherently answering anything you ask. AI-based technology can be very diverse. Some can draw from scratch, taking inspiration from existing photos or sketches, such as the DALL-E 2; Others may develop animated children’s stories, such as Alexa; And there are others that can teach what your physical appearance might be like in another era.

AI’s creations are increasingly similar to those a human could design and, at times, it is very difficult to tell them apart. They can be so similar that there is a game on the internet that involves trying to guess Which image is created by AI out of many options.

The name of the website is (which is ai) and gives a choice between six images. Only one of the options is created by the Artificial Intelligence and the user has to choose which one he feels.

By choosing one developed by an algorithm trained with pre-existing data they feel, The web says whether the answer is correct or not. In case this happens, the page will allow the Internet user to continue playing by clicking on the ‘next image, Conversely, if the user makes a wrong choice, the game restarts and he has to click on the ‘play again’,

The score is displayed in the top right corner of the page.
The score is displayed in the top right corner of the page.
which is ai

In the top right corner, players will be able to see their score and even be able to take turns with their friends to see who gets the best result. Too, Web informs where it took the various images, Both AI generated and the real photographer, free of all rights. Thus, if you really like an image, you can use it without any problems, citing the author.

The new method is called FRAN (Facial Age Change Network).

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