This Is Fiber Optic Service You Can Contract For Hours In Spain

Gigas is a Spanish company specialized in convergent telecommunications, cyber security and Cloud Which has launched ‘Flexible Fibre’, a pay-per-use model With the promotion of cloud is very popular in the consumption of applications and infrastructure.

service allows companies Cover traffic peaks and expand contracted bandwidth In addition to being punctual and flexible at the time they need it, they will pay the extra band only for the hours they use it.

This novelty is the first model of its kind in Spain, but, How does this work? Gigas client companies will be able to rent 300 megabits per second fiber and pay a fixed price per month, however, they can increase connectivity at any time. Reduce information transfer time And only pay for the time they have extended it.

Gigas uses third-party networks (Movistar, Orange and MásMóvil) to provide its service, which already has Available in Spain for 120 Euro per month,

Cinco Días explains that “the customer 300 megabits per second to 1 gigabit per second Simply pointing it at a control panel. With the extra speed for that hour, I’d pay seven cents, because Giga charges 100 megabits each and a cent for each segment of the hour.

Flexible fiber does not allow entities to have high costs for extended connectivity. Diego Cabezudo (CEO and co-founder of Gigas) says for Cinco Dias that “companies can Program the transition from one bandwidth to another So that when the data traffic is less than your normal plan, it will return to the speed you have contracted without doing anything”.

6G research began before the 5G launch and is targeted to be ready by 2030.

in Spain, Giga Offers up to one gigabit per second, but in Portugal it reaches ten gigabits as it has deployed its own extensive fiber FTTP network dedicated to companies. Cabezudo indicates that “in Portugal the offer is more impressive, because a company there can go from 300 megabits per second to ten gigabits per second if needed. In Spain we will be able to do that when that network is available”.

gigas wants get closer and closer Cloud to companies To launch new connectivity solutions, it has also launched the Private Connection service for the cloud, which aims to transfer information quickly and privately.

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