this is happening! ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ is getting a prequel

Jack’s Strange World has become a stop motion animation classic and its story is about to expand thanks to a prequel that will show the origins of the rivalry between Jack Skellington and Oggy Boogie.

Stop motion animation techniques are about to bring a new title to the table: Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio, however, we must admit that among the most famous films within the genre, they feature stories that revolve around Halloween. Or they have dark creatures like Coraline and Secret Door, Zombies Bride, Frankenweenie and of course, Jack’s Strange Worldco-written by Tim Burton and directed by Henry Selick,

Do you consider yourself a Jack Skellington fan? So you should know that their story will be expanded with a prequel next year. It will be thanks to publisher Tokyopop, which will launch a series of comics inspired by Jack’s Strange World which will be titled Battle for the Pumpkin KingWhere We Learn the Origins of the Rivalry Between Jack and Uggy Boogie,


Though we’d love to have some collaboration Tim Burton (big eyes), it would not be possible, furthermore the filmmaker is promoting the series falcon, which he directed for Netflix and starred Jenna Ortega, Gwendoline Christie, Christina Ricci and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

according to the summary of Tokyopop“Jack Skellington is the undisputed Pumpkin King of Halloween Town. But that wasn’t always the case. Years ago, Jack and Uggy Boogie were good friends. Both eager to prove themselves, they made their mark as the scariest couple in town. Put your passion into your horror projects to earn the right place. But only one pumpkin can be king! What could have happened to turn two best friends into such bitter rivals?,

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‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Was Directed by Henry Selick, Not Tim Burton

The series of five comics will start publishing in March next year and after that we will have monthly installments. Each volume will have 32 pages and will cost 78 Mexican pesos, Although it also plans to launch novels that bring each comic together for a cost of 315 pesos in its physical format or 197 in digital format.

Tokyopop Known for publishing two installments based on Jack’s Strange World, Zero’s Journey You mirror moon, So the fantasy of this editorial will be able to get a new printed installmentThis time by Dan Conner, Shawn McLaughlin and DJ Milky, we can also enjoy the art of Deborah Allo and Roberto Scalia.

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