This is Hive Social, the social network that wants to be Twitter’s successor

Mastodon isn’t the only app that has been compared to Twitter finding success due to problems with Elon Musk’s purchase. Platform hive socialCreated in 2019, is another alternative that combines the functions for which Twitter is best featured with Instagram.

Its founder Kassandra Raluka started developing it When I was learning to program in Swift the self-taught way, In October 2019, it released the first version of the app for iOS and has been improving ever since.

Until recently, the app was not available on the Play Store (Android Application Store), but that has changed recently. It takes longer to be in the Apple App Store, and is compatible with iPhones with iOS 15 and later versions.

Hive users can create an account from scratch or connect to an existing email account. In February 2021, Hive became the most downloaded app on the App Store, Behind big platforms like Facebook, Messenger or Discord.

Its success encouraged Raluka to copy the features of its main competitors. Hive interface is chronological (something that many people miss on Instagram) and users can post pictures, videos, GIFs or surveys.

Hive’s format is more similar to Instagram than Twitter, but it’s also quite reminiscent of Elon Musk’s app. For example, ‘likes’ are displayed with a red heart iconThe Feedback button is blue And this The share button looks a lot like the ‘retweet’ function Twitter, though it’s yellow.

The verified account of @movistar_es on Twitter briefly promoted Ethereum.

In the ‘Discover’ section of Hive, you can access ‘Popular topics’ Social networks and other personalized content according to user tastes and interactions.

In addition to the uniqueness of the social network, Hive users can share your amount why Pronoun With people who identify themselves with their names in their profiles. Another curious feature is the ability to choose between 35 different colors for interface.

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