This is how Dwayne Johnson visited to promote ‘Black Adam’ at CDMX Live

“If you can smell what the Rock is cooking!”. Last night Dwayne Johnson fans spent a night full of surprises and multiple selfies as “The Rock” traveled to Mexico City to promote the new DC movie: “Black Adam.”

Dwayne The Rock Johnson Mexican fans blown away after a recent trip to Mexico City to promote their new film: black adam, Former WWE wrestlers also joined the film’s main cast: Sarah Shahi, Aldis Hodge, Noah Centineo and Quintessa Swindell.

This event dedicated to fans of both Superheroes and Johnson, They were able to say hello and take endless selfies and of course, a lucky few got autographs from Hollywood stars who paraded on the black carpet at the Anahuacalli Museum. Make yourself comfortable and check out this gallery we have prepared for you. do not forget it black adam Will premiere at Cinépolis and Cinemax next October 20,

‘The Rock’ and his fans

Uriel Linares/Sensacin Mexico

Anahuacalli Museum receives the premiere of black adam More fans in Mexico City didn’t hesitate to pack a place to meet dwayne johnson, Sarah Shahi, aldis hodge, Noah Centineo You quintessa swindell, And here are some lucky people who posed next to DC’s new antihero.

He baptized a Mexican baby!

Uriel Linares/Sensacin Mexico

“Mexico, I want to introduce you to someone very special, he’s probably the biggest fan and he’s Louisiana”mentioned dwayne johnson On taking a child from the public. The fans gathered at the time couldn’t stop shouting at the premiere black adam in Mexico City. Did the little girl get powers after The Rock took her in his arms? Only time will tell.

cast again

Uriel Linares/Sensacin Mexico

Shortly before personally greeting the fans of Mexico City, dwayne johnson, Sarah Shahi, aldis hodge, Noah Centineo You quintessa swindell posed in front of the cameras to celebrate the upcoming premiere of black adam,

Hawkman in CDMX!

Uriel Linares/Sensacin Mexico

aldis hodgewho plays hawkman black adamEvery time he approached fans to sign his articles, he still couldn’t stop smiling and of course, Join hands to remember and take some selfies.

it was the turn of the cyclone

Uriel Linares/Sensacin Mexico

being the premiere of black adamUndoubted quintessa swindellWho introduces the cyclone, It also had to be present in Mexico City.

A few meters from Dwayne Johnson

Uriel Linares/Sensacin Mexico

were you wondering what dwayne johnson Is he really as strong as he appears in the movies? The short answer is yes, For whatever reason he was not one of the best wrestlers in WWE and right now he is in charge of playing a powerful character with gifts from Egyptian entities. black adam,

Atom Smasher in Da House!

Uriel Linares/Sensacin Mexico

if there was anyone other than dwayne johnsonThe one who stunned fans as soon as it appeared was Noah Centineo, who, after starring in the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before saga, Now DC has joined the Extended Universe as the Atom Smasher black adam,

best with fans

Sarah Shahi was one of the members of black adam For the number of times he went to greet fans, it wasn’t enough to just take a photo or get an autograph per zone. It was commissioned that all followers of Black Adam have a great memory of the premiere in Mexico City.,

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