This is how Franco Escamilla promotes his “University of Humor”

  • Franco Escamilla shared the official presentation of the University of Humor and his clothing style to his followers.

  • Among the appearances, the inclusion of Nancy stands out, the young woman he took to the stage in one of his viral videos.

  • The comedian gained worldwide recognition for famous monologues such as the “Koppel” brand.

In recent years, Franco Escamilla, known as one of standuperos The most important in Spanish speaking, Humor University presented. His unabashed style has made him one of the most recognizable brands in comedy and his gesture with the masses almost always becomes a trend.

His fame began due to the support of his followers on social networks, such as youtube and twitter, Similarly, he became the first comedian to fill two dates in the National Auditorium, known as . is referred to as “comedian with hat” or “comedian with guitar”, Since then, his fame has only grown and he has become a benchmark of Mexican comedy.

This time, Franco has attracted the attention of his followers because of his new project, “University of Humor”. It was born after Franco Escamilla expressed his desire to share part of his knowledge with new comedians on more than one occasion.

This is how Franco Escamilla promotes his “University of Humor”

a moment ago franco escamilla Expressed desire to complete this project, the gala night of University of Humor (UH), “The Devil”, as he is also known, has developed a variety of content on his YouTube channel as the pandemic seems likely to have arisen. shows Live.

are among its most outstanding classes “Amos del Universo”, “Gatada de Vatos”, “From the Cerro de la Silla”, “Throwing a Ball” and above all, “La Mesa Renona”, Despite this sudden success youtuberFranco has gained worldwide recognition due to his live performances, which were initially criticized but are now considered disruptive due to the way his material is advertised.

However, after the pandemic had significantly reduced its impact, the “Cabaretendo” segment was very well received by its followers, where the video went viral in which it appeared to fulfill the dream of one of the attendees on his show. Was able to and left him on stage for a few minutes. Many were recently surprised to see the young woman’s participation in the University of Humor’s gala night. The comedian’s enthusiasm for developing diverse content has also been appreciated by great traditional media creatives.

Through his personal Instagram, the comedian shared his projects and . shared photos about classes clown, In the same way, he took the opportunity to promote the restaurant of Luisito Comunica, which was in charge of sponsoring the meals of the students in their first grade.

Fasfú Burger is a registered food brand by influential personWhich has over 200 thousand followers and recently opened in Monterrey.

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