This is how Gustavo Adolfo Infante, Rey Gruppero and Fofo Marquez reacted to the attack against Alfredo Adam

The actor was beaten up by relatives of a fatal victim (Twitter/@trejo_oficial Instagram/@mr.fofomqz/reygruperomx/@adamereacciona)

It’s September 28, alfredo adame He was beaten up outside his house after arriving to record a criminal act that took place shortly before 2:00 pm. “A few minutes ago I was the victim of some thugs, with some serious injuries, I’ll tell you later… I’m fine,” it can be read. happened in the event Mexico Cityin the mayor’s office frivolity.

The actor has generated controversy with other public figures, for whom he has been involved in frequent rivalries and even in alleged promises of feuding in the case of Carlos Trejo. Although his biggest rival has gone silent In the hours before the incident, in comments to his same publication, two of his “enemies” began to make fun of the aggression he had committed.

In early September, Alfredo Adam launched himself against Gustavo Adolfo Infante I He even asked to be removed from televisionGiven this, many thought the show host might have had something to do with aggression, in this regard, the driver of first hand Said the following:

“Right now when Alfredo Adam has been beaten up, a lot of people are marking me, telling me: ‘Hey, Gustavo…’, I didn’t go, eh, I didn’t. I give you my word luckily I was in the airBecause he is able to say that I have ordered to beat him”.

The interview to which the communicator refers was right with magali chavezzoAdam’s ex-partner, herself, shared it on her Instagram stories, as she showed she was arriving at the features image television. However, the model has not used her social networks to express her opinion about what happened to her ex-boyfriend.

This was the tentative history of Edem's former partner, Magali Chavez (Photo: Screenshot)
This was the tentative history of Edem’s former partner, Magali Chavez (Photo: Screenshot)

is about king grouperowho limited himself to commenting “hahahaha” while being influential lovely marquez He responded to the message in the same way, but added a sarcastic “You’re bad.” It should be noted that a couple of weeks ago, the duo of content creators hung up on the phone. A blanket kicks up making fun of Edem’s bicycle.

(Photo: Screenshot)
(Photo: Screenshot)

Both the comments are no longer available, probably deleted due to criticism from other netizens.

This is how Ray Grupero's comment was seen (Photo: Screenshot)
This is how Ray Grupero’s comment was seen (Photo: Screenshot)

On the other hand, Laura Zapata published a quote from the philosopher Montesquieu, It was not very clear whether it was directed at Adéme, with whom he has had many disputes, or towards the president. Andres Manuel Lopez ObradorEver since she raised her voice against During the four years that have elapsed since his inauguration.

“Every man who has power is inclined to abuse it; It goes on till it reaches the limit. So that this power cannot be misused, it is necessary that due to the nature of things, the power should stop the power,” read his Twitter account hours after the incident.

In a photo published this day, the former political candidate can be seen sitting in the decentralized investigative prosecutor’s office at Tlalpan Territorial Coordination TLP-2 TLP-3 in Mexico City – where the controversial actor lives – wearing sportswear and There are bruises in the right eye, with stitches and traces of blood. Soon some of his fans started expressing their concern in the comment box.

as announced happy comeRecent winners of Reality Show I’m Famous: Get Me Out of Here! The attack was carried out outside his home, in the Tlapan mayor’s office in Tepepan, south of the capital city.

It should be noted that two people died during the brawl, Adam was brutally assaulted at the time trying to record or find out what had happened The alleged relatives of the victims, who have now been detained. According to their statements to the program windowingHoy’s former host only wanted to help, but was humiliated and beaten.

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