This is how Ricardo Montaner reacted to the leaked photos of Indigo, the daughter of Evaluna and Camilo

since he was born IndigoThe Is of aveluna why CamiloThe couple have tried to keep the child’s identity private, as they are very careful on social networks when it comes to sharing photos of the little girl, which show only parts of her body such as her legs and arms. Huh. been on the internet recently Filtered Nails photos of IndigoSo that Ricardo Montaner reacted For this.

Following the success of the reality show ‘Los Montaners’, which can be viewed on Disney+, Ricardo Montaner And his family is in Mexico City to celebrate the success of the reality show. The Argentinian singer-songwriter revealed that the Mexican country was the one that consumed the most streaming hours of his series, for which he is very grateful and hopes to continue sharing more details of his family’s intimacy. Hopefully there will be more seasons of the show.

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