This is how this AI imagines Madrid in the year 2614 and a startup captured it in a comic

Spanish advertising agency CYW, based in the Spanish capital developed a graphic novel that takes place in the year 2614 in a futurist Madrid, All illustrations have been created using one hundred percent artificial intelligence,

The script is developed by the CYW creative team as well signalsDescription that is given to artificial intelligence so that it can create a unique image according to the story,

“The technology is still very young and probably The biggest challenge has been to achieve a consistent and linear aesthetic throughout the story.which allows characters and locations to be recognized, maintaining the same color range and a consistent art direction” declares Carmelo Rodriguez, creative director and co-founding partner of CYW.

Gatas is a science fiction story where the protagonists are a group of Madrid’s grandmothers.

Whose story is ‘Gatas’? Science fiction where are the heroes A group of Madrid grandmothers who follow a strange tradition whose final twist is surprising, Callao, the great Via de Madrid, Lavapis and Malasana are some of the settings we can see throughout the play.

According to Carmelo Rodriguez, “To envision the Madrid of the future, we rely on references such as ‘blade Runner‘ or titles like ‘Neuromancer’ by William Gibson. Even then, We wanted to transfer the beauty that we are used to seeing in Madrid and its traditions, in cities like Tokyo or New York.Yeah, give them a spin”

Artificial intelligence applied to the development of images has emerged with great force in the world in recent monthsFrom which a lot of new material emerged and gave rise to many questions from the general public and writers and artists.

“At CYW we are storytellers and artificial intelligence is still a great tool to do this. Will make it easier for many creators to do this in the futureWilly Lomana, Creative Director of CYW and Co-Founding Partner of CYW, made the announcement.

You can read the full comic here

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