This is how Ukraine will rebuild the world’s largest aircraft Antonov AN-225 after it was destroyed by Russia

On November 7, an exhibition of the largest operational aircraft destroyed by Russian troops in February of this year was opened at Leipzig-Halle Airport (Germany).

The Antonov An-225 had a maximum takeoff weight of 640 tonnes, holding the record for air cargo transport with 189,980 kg in a single flight. Because of its 88 meters wingspan it was the largest in the worldCan fly 3,500 km and was designed to carry the Buran space shuttle of the Soviet Union.

Gizmodo indicates that during the opening, Eugene Gavrylov (General Director of the aircraft) said that The Antonov An-225 aircraft will be rebuilt at a secret location And even pieces that are in good condition will be used.

“According to the analysis of experts, about 30% of the components of the destroyed aircraft and the second one that was never scrapped can be used for a second example. The cost is estimated at at least 500 million euros, however, it is very It’s too early to talk about a specific amount,” Antonov said on his Twitter account.

Repairs will take a long time, but Ukraine will make every effort to ensure that the Antonov An-225 is in good condition. once again became a symbol of aviation capabilities by country.

is considered, Restoration will take more than five years And the newspaper Gustijberi points out that “this week it has been revealed that 30% of the new warehouse has already been rebuilt”.

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