This is Jisoo’s reaction to BLACKPINK’s debut on ‘The Simpsons’

The guest list on The Simpsons grew every moment, this time for the world-famous Blackpink, a K-pop group known for songs like “Pink Venom” or “How You Like That”. And the best part: Jisoo just responded!

We recently saw The Simpsons pay tribute to the Death Note in one of their spooky homes. This only adds to the long list of references and guests that after 34 years have become the hallmark of the house and you can enjoy from Star Plus. Now it was time for one of the world’s most famous K-pop groups to debut: dark pinkAnd the best part: Jisoo, one of its members just responded!

This happened in the seventh episode of season 34, titled “From Bear to Paternity”, where Lisa is in the same car with Homer and Duffman. On this road trip, his father asks him what he wants to hear on the radio, he even offers to put on some old school jazz, salsa, or rap classics, but no, Her second favorite music genre is K-pop and not only that, she started dropping out of “Lovesick Girls”. dark pink,

star Plus

what we see next is Three characters dancing inside the car, even Lisa took her cell phone and started recording the moment Very soon you will be able to see that in Star Plus catalog where you can currently marathon till season 33.

It’s not every day that Matt Groening’s series refers to a musical hit, which is why Jisoo, one of BLACKPINK’s superstars, takes to his social media to celebrate his debut with his fans. At least indirectly, the group in The Simpsons had a series that you can enjoy on Star Plus.

Instagram: Jisoo

Via his Instagram account, Jisoo shared the exact snippet of the episode where his song plays and wrote the following: “Gahhh! Is this real?! Oh yeah!” (Oh my god, is that true? Yes!), Despite his global stardom, it showed that as famous as he is, Jisoo couldn’t help but get excited, because Lisa Simpson is a fan of K-pop and, of course, Blackpink.

Don’t forget that – until now – you can find in the list of star Plus till season 33 the Simpson, However, depending on your mood, you can cap your marathon with other titles like Pre: Predator, Only Murders in the Building, The Walking Dead, or Chucky.

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