This is not Clara Chia! They reveal the true identity of the woman playing football with Shakira’s children

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New photos coming out this week Shakira’s children are playing soccer, convinced that it is not Clara Chia with whom they appear and reveal the woman’s true identity., Gerard Pique spent quality time together with Sasha and Milan, but not with the footballer’s new girlfriend.

The photos in which Clara Chia is shown Marty as Shakira’s son and . can be seen playing with Gerard Piqué They quickly went all over the internet. from those who viewed the images came to the conclusion that It was not about the football player’s new girlfriend, but about Another very special woman for Spanish,

The paparazzi, who has been in charge of following in Gerard Pique’s footsteps ever since he started dating Shakira and who circulated the photos, captured the moment at the ex-partner’s family home in Cardanya. “They are taken to a meadow playing football, where Clara Chia Marty can be seen playing with Gerard Pique’s children”, said Jordi Martin.

However, the eyes of the netizens who don’t miss a single detail are sure that in fact It’s About Gerard Pique’s Mother And It’s Not Clara Chia Marty Playing With Shakira’s Kids, “But it’s not Clara,” wrote one user on Twitter, with another replied: “Oh, Jordi. Visiting the ophthalmologist wouldn’t be bad. Maybe Clara looks old so you’re confused.

In addition, the Spanish journalist, “Mamarazzi”, reported: “Gerard Pique’s partner is not the woman he appears in the pictures With the football player and Shakira’s children. she is pic’s mom,

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