This is not Meghan Markle! Meet Prince Harry’s first love

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Prince Harry You Meghan Markle They are one of the British royal family’s favorite couples, but she is not their first love. DoingDo you know who was Harry’s first love?, Coming forward, we tell you.

Their great love and loyalty make it impossible for us to imagine one without the other and although they are now happily married and the parents of two children, before wonderful life” There was someone who won her heart and with whom marriage plans were on the table.

Although the courtship ended years ago, her friendship with her former partner is so good that she even attended their wedding Meghan,

Prince Harry’s first love

In his student days, he Prince Harry He met a young woman, Chelsea Davy, who was studying but at another school. It is unknown how they met and began dating, but over time their courtship became formal. for his part, Prince William Dating Kate Middleton And for this reason it was common in England to see both women in newspaper headlines.

Being a few princes of the United Kingdom, all the cameras were forced to focus on them. It was quite common to see Prince Harry with his girlfriend and his sister-in-law. They were together for a few years and even the press claimed that he would be the same person he would marry.

Both attended royal events and are not afraid to appear in public. In 2011, when the Prince and Princess of Wales got engaged, Harry invited Chelsea as his partner for Britain’s celebration.

Why did Prince Harry and Chelsea Davy break up?

Prince Harry and Chelsea’s wedding was an expectation that many in the United Kingdom held, but it didn’t. Instead, there was a pause. The exact reason why they decided to end their relationship has not been confirmed, but there are rumors that it was social pressure that caused Chelsea to leave public life with the Duke of Sussex.

What happened to Prince Harry’s first love?

After her breakup with Prince Harry, she moved to another location outside England and opened her own jewelry brand in 2016. In the same year, the Duke of Sussex met his now-wife Meghan Markle. The couple’s commitment was not something that impressed Chelsea, as she has a great relationship with her former partner and was also part of the guest list for the great British event.

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