This is ‘Pig Slaughter’, a scam to steal your savings with romantic lies

Internet romance scams are more common than you might expect. Users who fall in love fall in love with a person on the other side of the screen who is not present and cybercriminals take advantage of that ‘love’. to ask them to invest in cryptocurrencies Or ask them for money.

Cybersecurity company Proofpoint has studied such scams, called ‘Pig butchering’ hey ‘pig slaughter’, For three months, company researchers have tracked and analyzed the criminal behavior of several attackers who used this tactic to gain the trust of their victims.

What is the ‘Big Buchering’?

Slaughter of pigs became widespread in China and gradually expanded its scope until it reached English-speaking countries, although similar cases have been observed in Spain. On average, victims lose About $122,000 (approximately 199,600 euros)But some have reached figures of up to millions of euros.

According to the experts at Proofpoint, Two-thirds of those who are cheated are women in the age group of 25 to 40 years., Cybercriminals create social media profiles with pictures of an attractive stranger and send messages with compliments, cute comments or pretending to be confused.

Scammers first try to gain the trust of the victims.
Scammers first try to gain the trust of the victims.
proof point

In conversations, scammers often mention that they have a small business and enjoy great pleasures in life such as travel. With this letter of introduction from the false interlocutor, they try to gain the trust and affection of their victims.

The email contains fraudulent files.

Typically, the messages speak of a ‘guru’, a friend or family member, who introduced them to the world of cryptocurrency and that allowed them to earn a lot of money. attackers sell the offer so well that Victims are finally interested in investing in this sector And asking for advice.

At this point, cybercriminals personally ‘advise’ scammers or sometimes invite them to join group chats to learn about business. When the victim is convinced, the false analyst advises him to do so. First investment of less than $1,000 (approximately €996) Through a fake cryptocurrency website or app.

Once they make the transfer, they will receive a false message informing them that they have earned between 10-20% of their investment. This assumed profit is false And the money that has been used to buy cryptocurrencies actually ends up in the bank accounts of cybercriminals.

If a victim chooses to withdraw money, he/she will be allowed to withdraw only a small amount at a time. In the event that this doesn’t convince you, scammers will try to use more coercive techniques. such as threatening to post offensive photos or videos,

There has been an increase in the supply and demand for jobs on the Internet and with it related cyber scams.

How to spot these scams

In general, attackers use emotional manipulation and a friendly tone to gain the trust of their victims and obtain information or images with which they can later threaten them. featured in Proofpoint many common features Which is often repeated in the slaughter of pigs:

  • very unknown courteous and friendly Sending you a message unexpectedly.
  • And ask to change stageUsually saying it’s safe to talk around.
  • And Add victim to group chat More people publish screenshots about cryptocurrencies with different operations and estimated profits, you have to go right away.

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