This is probably the last picture of Mars that NASA’s InSight probe will send back

NASA’s InSight probe launched into space on May 5, 2018 and landed on the surface of Mars on November 29 of the same year. For all the time it’s been on the Red Planet, the high-tech tools that robots have studied land, climate, earthquake (Mars earthquake) and the early geological evolution of Mars.

Latest image from Insight

After four years of gathering information from a neighboring planet, the InSight mission is about to end. The Reason? Dust accumulating on solar panels who power the robot, a problem that has affected its operation since its inception.

On 30 October, the probe took the last photo sent to Earth. the picture shows plain alysium plantitiaThe site where the instrument landed and part of it was filled with Martian dust.

According to Paul Byrne, an associate professor of Earth and planetary science at Washington University in St. Louis, he points out that the reasons why NASA did not prepare the mission for this type of inconvenience are two in particular: cost and weight which involves applying a compressed air system to remove dust and that The probe was intended to last only one Earth year.,

InSight's solar panel is filled with Mars dust emanating from the planet's storms.

Attempts to extend the life of robots

NASA announced in October that they will turn off the device for two weeks To load as much as possible. Chuck Scott, project manager for the agency’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said that with its closure, they were trying to “continue operations through the winter”, although he was concerned about an impending Martian storm.

“The goal is to get science data to the point where InSight can’t operate at all, instead of conserving electricity and operating the lander for no scientific benefit,” Scott said. However, the NASA team estimated that The robot won’t arrive until next year.

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