This is the Armatrac 400, the new remote-controlled vehicle that Ukraine has received for destroying mines

In late February, Russia began its military incursion into Ukraine and since then, several countries have provided arms assistance to Ukrainians. The last thing they found was an anti-mine vehicle called Armtrac 400 Which is a donation from the United 24 program that was created by the United States to raise funds for the war between Ukraine and Russia.

Armtrac 400 is designed to clear the roads of mine areas and Capable of clearing 2,400 m²/h mines Thanks to its hydraulically conditioned 3m Thriller rotor. According to the developer, Armtrac Ltd., the vehicle can detonate safely and can resist anti-tank mines weighing up to 10 kg.

This vehicle can be controlled 800 meters. at a distance of, ensuring operator safety. In addition, it has a fully armored, soundproofed and air-conditioned cabin, in case you wish to drive from a place that allows you to have a good view of the road.

Will offer satellite data so the US military will know "Where to look and what are they looking for",

In the Armtrac 400 technology, a shovel stands that can be attached to various anti-mine tools. with hand, vehicle can reach difficult places E.g. along a river or downhill smoothly.

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