This is the awesome submarine Russia has already mobilized: capable of generating radioactive tsunamis and launching nuclear projectiles

NATO warned of the mobilization of the Russian nuclear submarine ‘K-329 Belgorod’ (carrier of the Poseidon nuclear missile) and He fears that his mission is to test the torpedo. The cause of a radioactive tsunami and an explosion near the coast.

Belgorod is a military machine designed for Launch Poseidon nuclear missileA 24-metre warhead capable of traveling at a speed of 130 kilometers per hour to detonate at a power of 100 megatons, it can also carry six torpedoes.

Said how the nuclear torpedo was presented by Russia in 2018 ensure military supremacy However, a country-like effect could be achieved with an intercontinental missile.

Some of its features are a length of 184 meters, it is designed for a crew of 130 people, Contains two 190 MW nuclear reactorsCan travel underwater at 60 kilometers per hour, supports 30,000 tons (approximately) and is capable of submerging for 120 days.

It also has a 20 meter ship espionage and sabotage May be equipped with communications cables or ocean pipelines, other small manned submarines, and are sufficiently capable of performing destructive missions.

It can cut the wires of the sea.
It can cut the wires of the sea.
Marina Russian

Lining materials are silent.

HI Sutton (naval specialist) assured that Poseidon nuclear torpedoes are also in the bow of Belgorod, submarine stealth, The missile disables Russia’s strategic system as it cannot be intercepted and is capable of eroding the coastline with a wave of radioactive water.

Russia has not presented Belgorod as a weapon of warBecause the TASS statement informed its delivery as a “submarine designed to deal with various research tasks and carry out survey and rescue operations”.

Nikolay Yevmenov (Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy) noted that “Belgorod opens up new opportunities for Russia to conduct various researches and conduct various scientific missions and rescue operations in remote areas of the sea.”

Photograph of the submarine when it was launched in 2019.
Photograph of the submarine when it was launched in 2019.
TASS. via Oleg Kulichiov

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