This is the curious 1.6 meter long keyboard that Google presented in Japan

Google Japan has published a video on their YouTube channel in which they show a long keyboard, 1.6 meters long and only 0.064 millimeters wide. Call ‘Gboard Bar Edition’ (Keybar version) has a control board and 16 mounting key boards.

Its developers state that the device is ideal for offices that in which you work at a desk full of documents, where it is difficult to have a normal keyboard. One of the employees who tried the ‘Gboard bar version’ explains that they often had to find a key on a wide keyboard: “With this keyboard [el alargado]I immediately found out that the letter 16 is a ‘G’ from the left and it’s an ‘S’ at 23 centimeters”.

Through this curious invention, its creators hope workers can define your personal space With your teammates and improve your concentration and double your growth.

The ‘Gboard Bar Version’ is more than just a keyboard. Google Japan has implemented some additional features so that, for example, families can measure the development of the little ones, That is, it acts like a ruler and can measure up to 1.6 meters, which is measured by the keyboard.

Call Filter is a tool that is only available in Google Assistant on Pixel mobile.

Another optional function claimed by its developers is that it can be used as a cane during user exercises. hiking.

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