This is the EHang 216, the new megadrone from the National Police that already flies around Spain

National Police has inducted Ehang 216 Megadrone in its technical fleet to enter the inaccessible areas.

The said novelty belongs to the Chinese company Ehang and has the function of participating in the field of air media services Carry out emergency and security missions,

Among other functions, the device will be able to Access to areas affected by pollutants Nuclear, Radiological, Bacteriological and Chemical (CBRN) thus poses no potential for risk to members of the police.

Drone in a . Is 35 kms. autonomy of With maximum load, it can carry two people inside, maximum speed is 130 kmph, it uses LTE and 5G connectivity to communicate with command centre, it weighs 600 kg and is electrically operated,

Last week, Drones successfully made its first flightThis is the first flight by a police force in Europe.

The Russians changed the name of Martyr-136 to Geranium 2.

The Spanish Police has become the first organization in Europe to use the EH216 Megadrone from the EHang company. Since its incorporation last year, the field of research, development and innovation has been studied to open up a range of possibilities in which this type of aerial vehicle can be used.

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