This is the guy BLACKPINK’s Jennie kissed (VIDEO)

jenny of black pink Recently attracted attention at the after-party for the Spring-Summer 2023 fashion show jacquimus Showing his new collection titled «raffia» in the field of le bourgeton the outskirts of Paris.

jenny She appeared at the fashion show in a stunning white dress which she modeled and impressed the audience with her dazzling smile and presence.

After the fashion show, the number one Kpop girl group member was the star of the after party, her appearance attracting the attention of everyone in attendance.

The Kpop singer can be seen enjoying the music and surrounded by many wonderful people and with whom she gets along very well, we get a special look as it was possible to see jenny giving a friendly kiss to simon porte jacquimusWho is the famous designer of fashion event.

For those who don’t know the designer, this singer looked very strange give me a kissBut it is known that the two get along very well, and in the videos shared by netizens on social networks, it can be clearly seen that the two stars have a great and beautiful friendship.

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