This is the ‘Hammer of Thor’, the hypersonic missile that the US is developing against enemies like Russia or China.

The United States is making great strides in developing hypersonic weapons, locking down other world powers such as Russia and China in the arms race. Recently, the Pentagon has announced the creation of a hypersonic cruise missile and its initial deployment in 2027: ‘Hammer of Thor’ (Thor-er).

The weapon is a low-cost hypersonic tactical missile and demonstrates the determination of the US military not to surrender to its eastern enemies. The US Department of Defense reported that Thor’s Hammer had successfully fired its ramjet engine several times, “demonstrating the feasibility of ramjet propulsion technology and Significant increase in its effective range,

The Army has collaborated with Norwegian specialized company Nammo to develop the missile. According to Frank Moller, vice president of strategy and development for the firm’s aerospace propulsion division, the weapon is intended to “combat enemy capabilities”. And stop Russia” and considers the increase in access due to technology important.

The THOR-ER gets the hang of it thanks to its increased range and speed Motor ‘ramjet’ or ‘scramjet’. It has jet propulsion technology that compresses air through a vent at the front of the vehicle, rather than using a turbocharger that injects air to burn fuel.

The scramjet engine uses supersonic speed to operate. Specifically, it uses a solid fuel rocket that accelerates the missile to Mach 2. When the ramjet is launched, it reaches a speed of at least Mach 5 which makes the weapon hypersonic. (The actual speed up to which it reaches is not mentioned).

The developers of Spot have previously criticized the use of their robots as weapons.

“While it is not the first ramjet vehicle, it is the first modern ramjet, with the capability of a Greatly improved range, targeting time and agility”, said Eric Nodland, executive vice president of aerospace propulsion at Namco.

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