This is the hidden Facebook menu that allows you to check if the social network saves your contact data

Facebook has a feature that lets you Check if the company saves your contact detailssuch as phone number or address E-mailAre you a social network user or not?

The company warns on its help website that the platform Collects user data through the device’s phonebook contact import function Or by synchronizing contacts.

This last option allows Integrate contacts saved in Facebook from other services developed by the owner, Metaof which messengers are messaging applications or social networks instagram,

Also, once users grant this permission, the platform has access to both information from users who use them Application Like her who have no account on their social networks.

in the section that details how it treats information from users who do not use K’s products metaThe company has introduced a clause in which it indicates that Interested parties can find out whether Instagram, Messenger or Facebook store their personal dataShaun users of these platforms or not.

Thus, he points out that they can ask Facebook what Confirm if you have their phone number or email address and informs that their database can certainly be requested to terminate them.

from the company of social network They also state that, in order to prevent them from being re-uploaded to this database using someone else’s address book, they need to Keep a copy of such data in your block list,

Finally, it adds that if users want to remove or block more than one type of contact information, they must confirm each separatelyeither number Mobile phoneLandline phone number or email address.

As pointed out by Business Insider, This privacy-focused tool is not new, as it has been available on the platform for months., Specifically, since May 2022. However, as reported by this channel, the Company Mark Zuckerberg He has not publicized it publicly.

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