This is the impressive video made about Hurricane Ian from the International Space Station

NASA posted some photos on Twitter showing Hurricane Ian from the International Space Station (ISS). The incident was near the Cayman Islands and was heading towards Cuba. Category three on the Saffir-Simpson scale,

In its wake, with winds of 185 km, Ian caused damage to homes, businesses and the power network; Just like that, More than two million people were forced to evacuate cities Because the cyclone may strengthen and move to category four.

footage uploaded by NASA covers entire storm in wide angle perspectiveMeanwhile, the ISS was trying to try and capture it with a built-in camera.

The images show the cloud spiral around the center of the storm, Ian, and its position.

Since yesterday, the cyclone has acquired considerable amplitude, moreover, its winds oscillate gusts between 170 to 200 kmph,

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