This Is The Most Detailed Map Of The Observable Universe (And You Can Interact With It)

‘Map of the Observable Universe’ is an interactive map that includes cosmic objects. Bryce Maynard (the creator of the map) says in a statement from Johns Hopkins University that The goal is to “show everyone what the universe is really like.”

The data includes some of the 40 quintillion black holes found in the observable universe, capturing some 200,000 galaxies and millions of stars.

Those interested can scroll through the map to view specific items that are visible in the said composition. Maynard states that “we are used to seeing astronomical images that show a galaxy here, a Milky Way, or maybe a cluster of galaxies. But What this map shows is a very different scale,

Unfortunately, you can’t click on individual galaxies to find out where the celestial objects are, although that serves the purpose of the map. show the history of the universe And all its cosmic ingredients.

If you are interested in the map, you can select the following link.

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