This Is What Anya Taylor-Joy And Margot Robbie Would Look Like If They Made ‘House Of The Dragon’

You will go backwards with the image of Kristen Cole and Harvin Strong in this ‘adverse cast,’ they really are heartthrobs!

fans as always game of Thrones The cast of the sequel speculated dragon house Before the names of the artists were revealed It must be said that not everyone was happy with the casting, but thanks to artificial intelligence we can imagine mads mikkesen Oye Anya Taylor-Joy Like the characters of Viserys Targaryen and Princess Renera Targaryen. Get a Big Surprise!

Mads Mikken as Viserys Targaryen

HBO / Instagram

Viserys Targaryen “kind and decent man”As described by George R.R. Martin, the main antagonist of the series and the one who gives life to the present is Paddy Considine. how about the version with Mads Mikken?

Margot Robbie Como Rainera Tragarian

HBO / Instagram

The mature version of Rainera Tragarian is played by Emma D’Arcy, and Hinted to make an adversarial version that would be beautiful Margot Robbie. which one do you like?

Jenna Ortega as Alicent Hightower in her youth

HBO / Instagram

Emily Carey currently It is he who is King Viserys l. The future second wife of Renera is a symbol of Tragaryen.And Jenna Ortega will be chosen to play this beautiful and intelligent girl in the “second cast”.

Eva Green Como Alicent Hightower

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Meanwhile, in her adult version, Olivia Cooke is who this character is, and Curious to know which image was played by Eva Green.

Tom Hiddleston as Damon Targaryen

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It’s impossible to imagine Damon without Matt Smith, But of course, they’ll put fans at a crossroads The House of the Dragon with a possible performance from Tom Hiddleston.

Tilda Swinton Como Raines Targaryen

HBO / Instagram

“The Queen That Never Was” Is Moved Well Eve best during these episodes of dragon houseAnd, of course, series followers will keep up with Eve, as Tilda Swinton He reminds us a lot of his old character white witch,

Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Renera Targaryen as a Young Lady

HBO / Instagram

Young Rainera is played by Millie Alcock, and Not that I’ve done a bad thing so far, but I look forward to seeing Anya Taylor-Joy in this role.

Henry Cavill Como Kristen Cole

HBO / Instagram

The great revelation will be Kristen Cole in charge of Henry Cavill, and that is despite the fact that Fabian Frankel doing very well, we will not say no to its hero Superman.

Jason Momoa Como Harvin Strong

HBO / Instagram

Last on the list will be Jason Momoa as Harvin Strong, and he is the strongest man in the seven states currently being played Will be in very good hands with the actor from Ryan Kors, aquaman,

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