This is what Blue Lagoon hero Brooke Shields looks like 42 years after the movie

  • Brooke Shields played Emmeline in the 1980 film ‘The Blue Lagoon’.
  • Thanks to her character, she managed to become a recognized Hollywood actress, becoming a teen icon in the 1980s.
  • Without a doubt, her great beauty also contributed to her popularity in those years and she is now 57 years old.

Brooke Shields She starred in ‘La Laguna Azul’ in 1980 and thanks to her character as Emmeline, she managed to become one of the most recognized actresses in Hollywood that decade.

Moreover, her great beauty allowed her to become an icon for teenagers as they all wanted to imitate her and she had nice hair.

The actress was only 15 years old when she starred in the film and is currently 57 years old. Shields continues to dominate the entertainment world and is currently a model for Kim Kardashian’s lingerie brand.

In the 1980s, Brooke Shields was a model for brands such as Calvin Klein (a campaign that was controversial) and even appeared on the cover of ‘Vogue’, something that made her a great figure in Hollywood. ranked as.

‘The Blue Lagoon’ stars Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins as two surviving children who are dragged by the ocean to a desert island where they must figure out how to survive, while the story’s tragic is the end.

Brooke Shields spent some of her teenage nights at Studio 54 with Andy Warhol and Grace Jones, but in the eyes of the world, the actress’ mom, Teri Schmon, was the typical mom who earned money at the expense of her talent and beauty. Daughter, therefore, the then young lady’s love life was in the public domain and her virginity was naturally talked about in the media.

Shields quickly became a “sex symbol” at a young age, after receiving too much pressure from her mother, who wanted the actress to become a big star, which led to her growing up and ‘exploited’ in front of cameras. Working long hours, skipping school and working.

Later as a model, at age 56, Brooke Shields admitted that in the campaign she did with Calvin Klein, there was some sexuality at the time that she disapproved of, too ‘naive’ to know On the pretext of being, “At 56 years old I can go back and look at the camera and say: ‘It’s true, they’re zooming in on me (the field) first and then they go to my face. Yes, it’s true. But sex has sold out since the beginning of time. Every cover I’ve ever been on, whether I was 15 or whatever age, always looks for something.”

Brooke Shields, the protagonist of The Blue Lagoon 57.  look like

In the same sequence, after Shields had lost her virginity at age 22, receiving constant questioning in Hollywood, after declaring at the age of 16 that she would wait until marriage to do so, Shields remembered. This happened to actor Dean Cain and he said, “He was wonderful and patient with me. I made him wait and wait. Even when my mother wasn’t around, I felt like she was watching me.” I was afraid of not being the same after sleeping with her. I was afraid that I might fail my mother. Since everyone knew she was a virgin, now everyone would know that she was not. What should have been a wonderful new phase in my relationship with Dean turned out to be the beginning of the end.”

Brooke Shields, the protagonist of The Blue Lagoon 57.  look like

The actress’s mother was an alcoholic and when she finished filming, she had to look for him in bars in New York, as she herself told in her memoir, and she also remarked, having dates with her young daughter famous for Circled. leading man.

The actress’s mother fell ill with leukemia and passed away in 2012. Shields placed Teri’s ashes in a silver urn and placed it at the bar in her living room, saying, “May I always be close to the two most important things in life.” Her Life: Drinks and Me”.

Brooke Shields, the protagonist of The Blue Lagoon 57.  look like

Brooke Shields was a few celebrities such as Andre Agassi, Michael Jackson, Liam Neeson, George Michael, John F. Kennedy Jr., Matt Dillon, Christopher Atkins and John Travolta, but eventually married producer and screenwriter Chris for the second time. Henchi.

Shields lost a baby and failed 7 in vitro fertilization attempts, but when she finally became a mother in 2003, Shields suffered postpartum depression and even considered ending her life. did. Their second daughter was born in 2006.

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