This Is What Disney Princesses Would Look Like If They Were Caterina To Celebrate Day Of The Dead

From “Sleeping Beauty” to “Pocahontas,” Disney princesses get a makeover session, courtesy of graphic designer and visual artist Karen Amador, to become Katrina and celebrate Day of the Dead.

while it is true that cocoaThe first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the relationship between Disney and Day of the Dead, the animated film by Adrian Molina and Lee Unkrich, now we have another option. Graphic designer and visual artist Karen Amador takes on various characters from Disney’s animated world to makeup her as Katrina.

Inspired by the death representation of Mexican artist Jose Guadalupe Posada, the stylized skull suits the delicate faces of young princesses to offer a cultural hybrid Including a childhood fantasy created by Disney (since the premiere of) snow White and the Seven Dwarves in 1937) and the imagination of Mexican traditions.


Karen Amador

hero of beauty and the Beast She is reputed to be an intelligent, cultured young lady who has a wide vocabulary, an interest in literature And her neighbors consider her a “weird” girl, with a strong desire to better herself in order to discover new realities beyond the village where she lives.


Karen Amador

abused as slaves by her stepmother and step-sisters, cinderella He stands out for his kindness and generosity. The young woman learns that her kindness is the magic that can change the world; This is why despite adversity and abuse, she always remains warm and honest.


Karen Amador

The daughter of Chief Powton, leader of a Native American tribe in Virginia pocahontas The first Disney princess to be based on an actual historical figure. It is characterized by its deep love of nature, its explorer and adventurous spirit.Also his bold character. He is a character who, despite conflicts with the settlers, is driven by peace.


Karen Amador

Ariel, the protagonist the little MermaidIs energetic and headstrong, with a great passion for adventure. Her instinct to explore the most mysterious depths of the ocean could lead her into a confrontation with her over-protective father, Triton. Despite this, Ariel’s responsibility, compassion, and intuitive way of thinking allow her to solve her own problems.


Karen Amador

Megara, In super strong manShe is an independent, independent and resourceful woman. She is cynical, sarcastic, and constantly expresses her annoyance with the world, making her unusual among Disney’s female leads., She only plays a heroic role big enough to be classified as a romantic interest.


Karen Amador

In stark contrast to his sister Elsa, the protagonist, frozenmuch calmer and more sober, and before acknowledging his powers, He thinks about his words and actions with almost coldness, calculates accurately, takes great care not to reveal his feelings. To some it may seem too far-fetched and even inconsequential.


Karen Amador

Aurora, known as sleeping BeautyShe is a kind, beautiful, witty, angelic, affectionate and gentle girl, as well as a hopeless romantic. Firstly, he is somewhat shy and reckless as a result of his parents’ excessive protection. Other qualities that he possesses are loyalty, honesty and the respect he has for rules and regulations, even if he doesn’t quite agree with them.

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