This is what it costs to buy your password or hack a page on the dark web

What an average user knows about the Internet is not even 10% of all the data on the Internet. Behind millions of harmless articles, pictures, videos and posts lies the hidden world of the dark web. It has everything a cyber criminal could want from its victims, but at what cost? Graph by Enrique Mendoza using data from the ‘Dark Web Price Index 2022’ report With the worth of our information on this dangerous internet site.

Costs depend on the location you access, but are average prices, depending on the amount of data you want to receive. Contains information that is sold by Up to $5,500 in malwareand the other that costs Just $3 like the hacked service of CNBC Pro.

The services that can be accessed for less than ten euros are Netflix, HBO, Orange TV, Hulu, Adult content, Canva Pro, NBA League Pass, Between 10 and 20 Euros, likely to access commercial checks from the United States, web pages with thousands of requests per second, PayPal accounts, global credit card details with CVVs.

The graph shows what costs more and less within the dark web.
The graph shows what costs more and less within the dark web.
Enrique Mendoza

Criminals who spend a little more can get anywhere from 2.4 million emails from Canada or fake Russian passport scans ($100). Even malware with better or worse success rates.

Among the most expensive, which can be obtained according to the graph, is a malware of premium quality with an effectiveness rate of one in 1000, which costs $5,500, and Forged physical documents from various countries for $3,800.

Cyber ​​criminals often try to hide the hack for as long as possible.

How to prevent your information from ending up on the dark web?

Digital and analog are increasingly merging and the line separating them has become more blurred. Users publish data about their personal lives, enter their banking information on various platforms… We are connected for most of our days and this makes our data more vulnerable than ever.

Cyber ​​security experts recommend it Let’s not download suspicious files Those who come to us via email or even from friends promise very juicy rewards. It is also not recommended to enter any links to unofficial pages. And provide your data, as we may pass it on to cyber criminals.

one more tip Don’t use public Wi-Fi networks Use more data as far as possible. In case you are forced to use a public signal, it is ideal to do it through a VPN.

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