This Is What The Cast Of ‘Abracadabra 2’ Will Look Like It Was Made By Latino Actors (Laura Zapata Looks Like Winifred!)

Winifred Sanderson and the Witch Mother were backed by makeovers, the actors coming to improvise the appearance of several characters.

Abracadabra returns with the second installment, and without a doubt, these films will be one of the public’s favorite to season Halloween night, Now the time has come to see some new faces like the characters in the film. You will die of laughter with few changes. Can you imagine Omar Chaparro playing Gilbert? The many celebrities of the Mexican artistic world will amaze you. We show you.

Winifred Sanderson es Laura Zapata

Walt Disney Pictures

Laura Zapata Being Winifred Sanderson would be a lot of personality, And there would be no better actress than her to play that role, don’t you think so?

Mary Sanderson is Angelica Aragon

Walt Disney Pictures

The protagonist of Mirada de Mujer, Angelica Aragon, is now Mary Sanderson. Can you imagine if the Mexican actress was gifted with a smell problem?

Witch Mom in Sabine Moussier

Walt Disney Pictures

Hannah Waddingham She is great in her role as The Witch Mother.But the German-born actress, Sabine Mausier, didn’t sing the ranchers too badly.

Andrea Chaparro as Izzy

Walt Disney Pictures

It is still not clear to us why Andrea Chaparro I’ll be acting as Izzy, okay Physically, she looks like nothing.or if?

Omar Chaparro as Gilbert

Walt Disney Pictures

father and daughter will be in the same casteAnd if Izzy can be Andrea Chaparro, why can’t Omar Chaparro be Gilbert? Who do you prefer for this character, Sam Richardson or Chapro?

Michelle Rondamike

Walt Disney Pictures

There is no one to go with these two, as it would be very difficult to choose between Michelle Ronda and Frye Gutierrez for the role of Mike.

Tell us which actors you’ll hire for delivery abracadabra 2,

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