This is what the cut circle you see in some WhatsApp messages means

Some users have a. started seeing the icon of cut circle in your WhatsApp messages. This small symbol appears in the place where the symbol usually appears. double check azulwhich reports when the receiver has read the message; double checkwhich informs when the message has been sent; the inspection, which communicates that the other person has not yet received the message; either watch, which warns that the message has not been sent. However, the unfinished cycle is something new.

Not all users of the instant messaging platform can see that icon, so those who saw it wondered why it appeared. Fortunately, it seems that the unknown has already been resolved.: Appears when a contact replies to a ‘status’ you’ve posted.

‘Status’ are like Instagram and Facebook ‘Stories’, i.e. posts lasting 24 hours. This function is not used as much in WhatsApp as it is in the rest of the social network on Meta, but the company keeps trying to improve the tool. With the intention that more and more users start using it.

Facility not available yet.

Recently, it became known that the developers of the platform wanted users to be able to access shared links directly from the ‘states’. The idea is one of the proposals that WhatsApp is working on to encourage Internet users to use the temporary publications section.

The novelty is currently in the testing phase and has reached only a few users. Hopefully soon it will be released to the whole world.

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