This is what the impressive altar of the dead by Vicente Fernandez looks like at the ‘Los 3 Falls’ Ranch. Photo

december . is the first death anniversary of Vicente FernandezThat’s why his family founded a impressive altar of the dead Before the Day of the Dead celebration. it was placed in rancho A message has been shared, to commemorate the statue from this great altarpiece, at Los 3 Falls, located in Jalisco, where “Chante” was originally Photo on their social networks.

With an extensive artistic career, Vicente Ferradejo He became one of the greatest exponents of the ranchero style in Mexico, which is why he was considered an idol by many. About a year after his death, the singer’s family created a memorial to remember him. impressive altar of the dead In Rancho Los 3 FallsRight in front of his grave is where the phrase “I am still the king” stands out.

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