This is what Wes Anderson’s Avengers would look like

Marvel already has a defined visual style full of visual effects, but now consider if The Avengers were reimagined by such a distinguished writer as Wes Anderson. Amazing, isn’t it? Check the following images.

It seems like the inevitable question for all moviegoers in recent years is “What do you think of superhero movies?” Directors like Jane Campion, James Cameron and Martin Scorsese They see the idea of ​​cinema as content and not as art, When asked for his opinion by Marvel Productions such as the avengers, they usually talk about him with disdain And they confirm that they will never be a part of one of them.

While filmmakers like Edgar Wright and Scott Derrickson left ant Man why Doctor Strange: The Multiverse of Madness for creative difference There are women directors recognized for their authorial vision who have worked with Anand, such as chloe zhao In eternal, However, it’s unlikely that we’ll be seeing our favorite directors working on a Marvel or DC movie in the near future.

Wes Anderson is one of the most loved filmmakers by the audiences. His great charisma, humor and perfectionist visual style embodied in his 10 films are received with great warmth and joy. by the audience. The Whimsical Tenenbaums, fantastic mr fox why Moonrise Kingdom Some of his most famous movies are.

Whether it’s because of its color palette, its clumsy and immature characters, or its obsession with symmetry, Andersen is admired by all lovers of the seventh art. Accustomed to working with the same cast of actors and technical team, we always see Tilda Swinton, Bill Murray and Adrien Brody in the Texan director’s unforgettable movies. Have you envisioned an Avengers movie under Wes’s writing? Thanks to artificial intelligence, we can see it.

Old fashioned ‘Ant-Man’


Paul Rudd plays Scott Lang aka ant Man, In this Wes Anderson-style reimagining of the character, Ant-Man’s helmet looks like a Cold War experiment,

‘Captain America’ to the rescue


Almost like the bequest reading scene from the play “Boy with the Apple” captain american and his accomplices pretend to be in the courtroomjust like adrien brody and willem dafoe Grand Budapest Hotel,

‘Hulk’ and Bruce Banner


bruce banner and his dark and uncontrollable side big ship They look like the seventies in this reinterpretation one of the strongest superhero from mcu. Will we see a Wes movie with Mark Ruffalo in the future?

A reserve ‘Black Panther’


We can’t forget the perfect symmetry in the frames of Anderson’s films. here we see T’Challa as an enigmatic and reserved member of the Tenenbaum family, without forgetting the pomp of the changing room black PantherThe leading superhero looks very stylish in Wakanda.

‘Avengers’ post-credits scene


It’s impossible to forget the post-credits scene of the avengersThe first film to bring together all the superheroes of the MCU. Eating shawarma at a New York restaurant after beating up Loki (Tom Hiddleston), in this painting we can see Thor perfectly in the center, just as Wes Anderson may have planned.

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