This Is Why Actor Brendan Fraser Refused to Attend the Next Golden Globes Gala

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Actor Brendan Fraser has said that he will not attend the next Golden Globes, which will be held in Los Angeles in January.

In 2018, Fraser denounced that Philip Burke, president of the organizing body of the Golden Globes, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), had tipped him off in 2003.

Fraser said the incident forced him to “withdraw into himself” and “feel lonely”.

The HFPA concluded that Burke “inappropriately touched” Fraser, but it was “as a joke and not as a sexual advance.”

When Fraser was asked in a new interview with GQ magazine if he would attend next year’s Golden Globes if invited, he replied: “My history with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is to respect the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Hollywood Foreign Press. No, I will not participate.”

“It’s because of his history with me. And my mother didn’t raise hypocrites, They can tell me many things, but not that.”

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Fraser is one of Hollywood’s awards season favorites for his role in the movie “The Whale.”

The 2003 incident happened at an event at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and Fraser previously told the magazine that she felt Burke’s finger when it started “moving” around her butt.

“I felt bad,” the actor said in 2018.

“I Knew They’d Close Rank”

He then sought and apologised, but Burke told GQ in 2018: “My apology did not acknowledge wrongdoing, the general: ‘If I did something that upset Mr Fraser, it was unintentional and I apologise.”

After conducting an internal investigation, the HFPA concluded that the incident was a hoax. Burke told GQ that Burke did not face any disciplinary action.

“I knew they would close ranks,” Fraser said in his last interview. “I knew they’d be swept down the road. I knew they’d be overtaken by history. I knew I certainly had no future with that system as it was.”

Fraser has received great reviews for whalein which he plays a morbidly obese literature professor.

He is widely considered the favorite to win Best Actor at next year’s Oscars, which is usually repeated at preceding ceremonies such as the Golden Globes.

Screen International reviewer Wendy Ide said Fraser was “serious and fully committed to her first major lead role in a decade”.

Nicholas Barber of BBC Culture wrote, “It’s hard to imagine anyone being so charming in this role.”

The Globes will return as a televised event in January after NBC canceled the broadcast of this year’s ceremony amid allegations of impropriety. Racism, sexism and conflict of interest,

Burke was ousted from the organization in 2021 after sharing an article that described the group Black Lives Matter as a “racist hate group”.

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