This map shows you the most visited pages in the world: Which is the Spanish favourite?

The Internet is an invention that has revolutionized the way people connect with each other and find information. Thanks to it, people can solve the great unknown, discover curiosities we’ve already forgotten about yesterday, or socialize with users on the other side of the world. The infinity of websites through which we can navigate makes it possible to do all of the above, but, What do people go to see the most in different countries of the world? A world map developed by Hostinger answers this question.

Depending on the country, search preferences differ and Internet users have one or the other of their favorite pages. That’s the conclusion Hostinger reached when compiling a map of the most visited websites by territories based on information gathered by OpenTrends, which analyzed the most visited websites, Except for major sites like YouTube, Facebook or Yahoo.

Wikipedia is the most searched website in 43 countries. This makes the great digital encyclopedia the favorite corner of the internet for most of the world. Although it is not the most successful in Spain, here we are somewhat more interested in the sport, as many media are interested in brand. He’s not the only one who doesn’t have Wikipedia as his favorite place:

  • the british like to reach BBC’sIts main news channel.
  • In Gregoria, they take a tour called the meme generator 4 Chan.
  • the united states has a choice AmazonThe Queen of Ecommerce Platforms.
  • Mexico is also out of the norm and visits more Twitter.
  • Canada uses all reddit.

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