This NASA website shows in real time where the Artemis I mission’s Orion spacecraft is

Yesterday, November 16, the Artemis I mission lifted off at 7:46 a.m. Spanish Peninsular Time to take humans back to the Moon. This first unmanned attempt serves to verify that the Orion spacecraft is capable of performing the maneuvers it is designed for, plus, right now, it flies farther than any other.

During Artemis I, Orion will travel 450,000 kilometers from Earth and 64,000 kilometers from the far side of the Moon, also thanks to AROW, Anyone can identify the vessel and track its distance From Earth, distance to Moon, mission duration and major milestones.

Arrow is available at the following linkVisualizes data collected by sensors, provides periodic data in real time and provides continuous information.

On the other hand, the Orion’s Twitter account Will release updates on mission milestones, speed, temperature, distance and mission elapsed time.

It can carry four astronauts.

arrows too Orion will provide a set of state vectorsData that accurately describes where the ship is in space and how it is moving.

“It’s already great to know what the spacecraft is doing during the mission, but now that Orion’s data can be viewed in all these different ways, it will be interesting to see what other creative projects come up.”

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