This New Netflix Function Will Be Able To Preserve All The Hours Of Your Devotion To The Platform

tool ‘my list’ It is especially useful for users on Netflix to save the titles of documentaries, programs, series or movies that they want to watch later. However, it has a drawback: If a user moves to another account, they can’t take their list with them. platform now streaming He wanted to change it.

Initially, the company only allows sharing the same account with people living together, so if someone who meets its rules moves to another address, he or she will also have to change their account. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean losing the My List of your profile.Profile Transfer’.

Neflix details that the function works not only to transfer saved content to ‘My List’. tool is useful Move history, saved games, recommendations based on what has been viewed and ‘liked’, etc.

Netflix has dedicated applications for both mobile and other devices (such as tablets).

How to transfer a profile to a new account?

  • log in on the account that has the profile you want to transfer.
  • please accept ‘Account’ or drop down menu Select Profile on the home page.
  • click on The profile you want to transfer.
  • click in link ‘transfer’ From the ‘Transfer Profile’ section.
  • introduce Email and Password of the new account for the profile.
  • follow the prompts displayed On the screen to set up the profile on the new account.
  • Even after following these steps, the old account will be saved a copy of the profile until it is removed.

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