This political party in Denmark is run by an artificial intelligence and seeks to represent Danes who do not vote.

We don’t know whether machines will one day dominate the world, but we humans insist that they have as much control as possible. is an example of synthetic party From Denmark, led by a chatbot named Leader Lars.

The new Danish political party is ready to present itself to the general elections of the country that Held next November. Their representative is artificially created by Computer Lars, an artist collective, and the MindFuture Foundation, an arts and technology NGO.

Leader Lars, the visible ‘face’ of the party, is an artificial intelligence trained on the politics of fringe parties that have existed in Denmark since the 1970s. Synthetic Party aims to reach For the 20% of the country’s population who do not vote in elections.

“We’re plotting data for all fringe parties, so it’s all parties trying to get elected to parliament but don’t have seats,” said Oscar Stone, the party’s creator and MindFuture artist and researcher. told the motherboard. so that’s a person who made A political vision of your own that you would like to realizeBut usually there is no money or resources to do it.

Those who are interested in the proposal of a synthetic party can talk to their leader on the discord. To do this, they must address the leader Lars by initiating messages ,

The AI ​​understands English, but responds to all messages in Danish. By interacting with the representative, people can present new perspectives and information on how to become a non-voting voter.

The company put AI in charge on August 26.

Staunæs acknowledges that “many policies may contradict each other.” However, the party Humans are also made up of individuals Who can argue the views of the synthetic party.

Although they intend to stand in the general election, they need to collect 20,000 signatures to be an eligible substitute. “Leader Lars is the head of the party,” insisted Stone. “Denmark is a representative democracy, so The leader will be the person on the ballot representing Larso And they are committed to serving as an instrument of AI.”

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