This smart shower can help you save up to 50% on hot water

Water wastage that is done while waiting for rain to warm up can mean a considerable outlay of money at the end of the month for electricity or gas bills. Apart from this, it can also have harmful effects on the planet which can be avoided.

In this article, we are not going to advise you to take a shower or clean yourself with cold water in record time, rather we are going to talk about a smart shower. Which promises to save up to 50% on hot water. It is Reva developed by the California based company Oasense and prevents the wastage of this essential element.

The device has a shower which apparently has a similar design to the traditional ones. However, there’s a lot more inside: Its technology detects when it’s necessary to let water flow at its maximum power (approx. 6.8 liters per minute) and when should you download it (1.1 LPM about).

To work, Oasense has equipped the Reva with infrared sensors that know when someone is under the shower. This way, if the user walks away to wash the hair or apply conditioner, Shower automatically reduces flow by up to 15% until placed under the showerhead to clean.

Similarly, the Reva has a temperature regulator that saves 50% on hot water. Users only need to configure the temperature they consider ideal for a bath And, as soon as they open the tap, the water will come out at the temperature when it is at its maximum power.

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Both sensor and regulator work a. Thank You for Hydroelectric Mini Turbine Integrated inside the reva which is activated by the flow of water. This means you don’t need to plug in mains or use batteries or batteries.

For its price, it should be noted that the Oasense Smart Shower is priced 350 dollars That, in the long run, could further reduce the water rate in the home. Despite this, it cannot be purchased in Spain and is only available in the United States, at least for now.

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