This soap opera heartthrob left acting and fame for a better profession

in the 1990s, Rodrigo Vidal was one of the young stars of the time, who stood out in many TV serialBut his time on the small screen was not his Truth profession, although this profession gave him everything he really liked; Producing a project intended for television or cinema.

When Vidal was around 16, he knew his destiny was to schedule calls, organize budget meetings, scout talent, shoot date planning and everything related to filmmaking. Production,

He is the producer of the famous Kya Kehte programme. Photo: IG @soyrodrigovidal

One day, walking on a platform San Angel Television Station While watching a recording, an angry woman noticed him and complained about his lack of commitment to the team, because, according to her, he was guilty of delaying everyone else’s work. it was about Carla Estrada, a producer who was told that was not what they were looking for, therefore, apologized to Rodrigo and asked him to do a trial; Are you an actor, aren’t you? They asked him and it was because without experience he joined the ranks of the cast of “Jab Pyaar Aata Hai”.

At the time, Rodrigo had no intention of acting, but thanks to his participation in Salome and Dos Mujeres, he received recognition from the magazine for Best Supporting Actor and Best Young Actor. TVyNovel,

actors who participated in friends and rivals, grand prize and dance with meTried his luck on other television stations like Univision and Venevision, which, as a talent agency, allowed him to explore new areas within the Guild, where he discovered William collectionwas in a television production, and did errands that allowed him to alternate between Miami and Mexico City.

Photo: IG @soyrodrigovidal

Vidal has produced 16 films and placed his representatives in shows such as “La Casa de los Famosos”, where Ivonne Monteiro was the winner of the reality show, through his agency Happy Management, and through his previous agency that worked for his ex-wife. was in charge. ,

In an interview with Jesse Cervantes, the producer admitted that he rarely appears on television, but when he returns, he does so with a lot of love, affection and specific projects.

Have you missed being a lead?

But do you miss being in front of the cameras? Vidal assures that not because he has accomplished everything proposed.

The director also admitted that he doesn’t need to satisfy that part of being an actor again and entering the scene, but he is giving 100 percent to the production, who also revealed that he and his wife write, They bring in a large group of writers, and whoever produces the films, has a wife and others are directed by Vidal, or sometimes he remains in executive production.

“I don’t have to satisfy that part of the actor and go in, but I’m really into production. My wife and I write, we bring in big groups of writers, my wife makes movies and sometimes I direct something, or I stay in executive production”, he told Cervantes.

Rodrigo Vidal works side by side in production with his wife Photo: IG @soyrodrigovidal

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