This Spanish invention makes trucks ‘flyer’ and saves 25% on fuel

Eco Iolic Tom Systems, a Spanish startup with a subsidiary in Canada, intends to use technology commonly used in aeronautics to save fuel on the road. It is intended that your idea is commercially viable for the transportation of goods in 2023 And, for this they are developing a device that takes advantage of wind energy.

Abdon Estefan and Mauricio Vargas are the names behind the project and compare the technology they want to use in transport trucks with airplane technology, who take advantage of the air around them to rise and fly, They intend to do the same with the Eco Eolic Tom System, which makes the air moving through the top of the vehicle faster than the bottom.

The founders of the startup claim that the aircraft technology they will use in trucks will improve road transport and have dubbed their system ‘Run and Save’. Estefan calculated that his technique would serve to “save” 25% on fueland Vargas says that “it also reduces 10% reduction in tires and engines and a 15% reduction in greenhouse gases (GHG).

Artworks designed by him in 2018 “passing the homologation test” in Barcelona And Vargas expects the first prototype to be ready in the first half of 2023. If everything goes according to plan, they will start marketing them in the second half.

The plane remained without touching the ground for half an hour, of which 8 minutes were spent at an altitude of 1,066 metres.

While testing the Eco Iolic Tom System technology continues, the team is registering patents, which now cover 90% of the market in production and marketing. When testing and patenting are complete, the company will sell its system for a price of approx. 12,000-15,000 euros.

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